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Install an efficient new water heater

If the time has come for you to finally replace your old or inefficient hot water heater, consider a new, money-saving unit from LeClaire Heating & Air Conditioning LLC.

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You'll be amazed at the difference between your old, "traditional" hot water heater and a high-efficiency "on-demand" water heater that we can install for you.


Rather thank having a tank in which water must be constantly heated, these new units heat the water as you need it, helping you save on your energy bills.

State-of-the-art water heating

Why bother with the middle man? You can purchase your hot water heater directly from LeClaire Heating & Air Conditioning LLC and have us install it, too!  


Call us today to schedule your service. We can also help with your commercial and residential plumbing, heating, air conditioning, and fuel oil needs.

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