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Plumbing, Heating, Air conditioning and Fuel Oil


24-hour emergency plumbing

Because a leak can spring or a flood can start at any time - morning, noon, or night - LeClaire Heating & Air Conditioning LLC is on-call for you around the clock.

Pipe repair Faucet

 •  Kitchen and bathroom remodeling

 •  New construction

 •  Faucets and fixtures

 •  Floor drains

 •  Sump pumps

 •  Sinks and toilets

 •  Garbage disposals

Master plumbing service

When it's time to give your kitchen or bathroom a little makeover, call the licensed experts at LeClaire Heating & Air Conditioning LLC.


In addition to helping solve all your plumbing problems, we can install and maintain your heating, air conditioning, and hot water systems. You can even call us for fuel oil deliveries.

The kitchen and bath specialists

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Your job will be completed using the best products on the market, installed with pride by a local business.